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Call 519-588-1970 or click on our contact us button to book us to see your wet basement or foundation block repair- we serve kitchener waterloo cambridge guelph and surrounding areas-

Wet Basement ?-get a wet basement repair quote here

Usually found in one of two areas-

1) Floor

-usually from hydro static pressure of water trying to force up to equalize balance (too much water under floor coming there from walls-or the sides of the foundation and usually your home does not have a sump pump or a working sump)

2) Crack in wall

- usually around a window or corner of foundation

Our Solutions:


"French Drain" or interior tile-4" o-pipe installation consisting of breaking the cement floor and installing interior piping under the floor that is connected to a sump pit and a sump pump that pumps the water outside -we take away all unneeded material and re-cement the floor over the 4" o-pipe


For interior repairs- we use a 3 step process (2 more than others use)-
1) poly eurathane injection-and we do not recommend or drill on a 45 degree angle where drill dust clogs the crack like others do.
2) epoxy crack-this is used in swimming pool repairs
3)optional 2-3" swath of special caulking that has a 50 % flex and gets as hard as a gymnasium floor but has the flex -good if your foundation moves again

Our price for our wall injection repair is comparable to others but has two more steps !

We also do exterior membrane installations & repairs for extensive sealing especially block wall foundations or for those wanting the ultimate repair for more information see:

Cracked foundation or block wall water - see our foundation repair page
or Concrete resurfacing - surfacing

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fix wet basement floor - cracked foundation wall - repair cement concrete floor-resurfacing
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